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    What is considered Sexual Assault?

    The term sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that is forced, coerced or occurs without the consent of the victim. Some forms of sexual assault include:

    Rape or Attempted rape

    Fondling or unwanted sexual touching

    Forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator’s body

    Important: It is illegal for a prison guard or staff to abuse their power to engage in any sexual act with an inmate.

    Do I qualify for financial compensation?

    If you were incarcerated in a New York jail or prison and were sexually abused (any sexual touching or sexual act with prison guard or staff), you may be eligible to receive financial compensation.

    What is the process?

    To initiate the process, start by calling or live chatting with us now, or filling out the form provided above. We will ask you some questions about your experience while incarcerated in a New York jail or prison.  If you qualify to file a claim, you may hire us as your legal team to seek justice on your behalf.  We do not get paid unless we win the case for you and you recover money.

    Am I entitled to a free consultation with the lawyers?

    Yes, please contact us now for a free consultation.  You can join hundreds of women that have started their prison sex abuse claims with us for financial compensation.  It’s important to know that our lawyers will not get paid any money, unless we win your case and recover money for you. This is called a “contingent fee” arrangement where we only recover a percentage of the money that we win for you.  You will never have to pay us hourly charges like many law firms charge.


    We stand with you, survivors of sexual abuse. We understand that healing from such traumatic experiences can feel like an isolating journey, but we want you to know that you are never alone. Together, we are forging a path of solidarity, strength, and justice. We want to assure you that justice is being sought through these powerful lawsuits that aims to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions. Every survivor’s voice is vital, and your story matters. By sharing your experience and joining our community, you can help create a collective force for change. It’s time to break the silence, empower one another, and make a lasting impact. Let us stand united, with unwavering support, as we strive towards a future where survivors are heard, validated, and their rights are upheld.

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